Events planning and production made to measure according to the requirements of the client, be it a company or an agency. The strategy development process and therefore the implementation of ideas is always present in our method which includes exploring different variables by using three essential steps: conception of the idea, therefore the study of the concept of the event; creativity, that is the declination of an idea in all its elements; and finally, development through an accurate plan of action for every single element. The result focuses on the objective in all of its aspects and aims at two very precious terms: satisfaction and gratification.


Support in the co-ordination and management of the relations and the work flow between client, agency and suppliers, simplifying the production and implementation process of the event. This means you will have only one interlocutor who will work for your interests managing the various work teams for you independently and reporting regularly on the operative status of the project, step by step.


Consulting for the selection of suppliers, assignment of tasks, work planning and budget management, with the aim of reducing costs but not the quality. Given a specific budget, it will be our responsibility to respect it wholly, avoiding embarrassing extra budget surprises, and making sure of a methodic and precise control that leads to the respect of every decision agreed upon beforehand.


Consulting in optimising work flows through an intervention within the company or agency, adding value to internal resources even thanks to the insertion ad hoc of external professionals for support. A delicate and precious work in which our consultants naturally and harmoniously blend to those of your company, because they are regularly used to team work even at an international level.


Detailed analysis of the brand and its identity, consulting for the creation, restyling or relaunching of a corporate image of a company or brand, through specific and tailor-made communication strategies. Your brand will be therefore assigned to our brand coaches for a new journey of re-ranking, departing from the strategy to arrive to a complete restyling within a digital marketing plan in which every aspect relates to all others in a perfect equilibrium of actions both off as well as on line.


The creation of strategies of communications based on the requirements and requests of the client, through a continuous storytelling, that starts at the launch event up to the long tale. This means that we can relate a story in the most diverse ways and timings, through a strategy that is functional to the project, using a series of tactical actions aimed at implementing the reputation of the brand in a precise moment in time, or largely focussed in a wider space-time frame with contents that revolve around the values of the brand.